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Limousine services Davos Meeting

Limousine services Davos Meeting in Davos: January 15th – 19th, 2024

Every year and since 1971, the Meeting takes place in Davos. It involves around 3,000 internationally known participants such as businessmen, politicians and over 40 heads of state. Thus, the forum constitutes a perfect platform for networking and meeting.

During that time, the traffic volume is more than 10 times higher than usual, causing traffic jams and waiting periods. LEVY Embassy Services is your reliable partner for limousine services during the Meeting in Davos. We only provide you with our local, multilingual drivers from Davos. They all know the specific traffic concept, bypass roads, hotels and other hot spots in Davos to ensure you an agreeable stay.

The Davos Meeting will take place during the peak winter season in Davos. The winter season may be accompanied by heavy snow fall. To cope with these weather conditions we only provide you with our 4-wheel drive limousines to guarantee your safety. All our limousines meet the hotel car sticker guidelines. Road access to the Congress Center, waiting zones and to all distinguished hotels is given. This includes the hotels Steigenberger Belvedere, Seehof and Intercontinental.

At the time the Davos Meeting takes place in Davos, the small town gets very busy. Consequently a good organizational planning is required to meet critical issues such as human resources, accommodation shortage in Davos and car availability.

Embassy limousine convoy. 45 minutes prior VIP arrival. Zürich, January 2020

Accommodation services, welcome lounges and panel stages during the Davos Meeting:

In addition to our transportation services, we also offer several accommodation, welcome lounges, restaurants and office spaces to our clients to rent. Here is a small selection of our portofolio:

Accommodation Offer C
Accommodation Offer E
Accommodation Offer B5
Accommodation Offer X
Welcome lounge & bar
Restaurant & apartment

In 2019, we realised a presenting lounge at the Promenade in Davos Platz. You can find a short summary of the project here: Promenade presenting lounge


Do you have any question about Davos or the Davos Meeting 2023? Please ask us for our full information guide which consists of limousine and accommodation offers as well as office spaces and welcome lounges in Davos. For your individual needs, we are happy to make you a personal offer.

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